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Custom Toroids

Toroids are small, quiet, safe, and efficient products that function as inductors in an electronic circuit. The customization options possible with this product are extensive, and there is a reason there are so many different possibilities. When creating custom toroids, it is important to consider:

  • Size and Weight
  • Stray Fields
  • Mechanical Noise
  • Voltage Regulation

ToroidsThese are just some of the things to consider, and so it is wise to trust professionals who can create perfect toroids.

The size and weight of a custom toroid should be determined based on the size of the mechanical housing. As a result of the efficiency of the tools, the size and weight can be 50% smaller than the mechanical design.

Stray fields should be low. This is achieved with the missing air-gaps in the core. Uniform winding allows for the fields to stay consistent.

Applications determine the spacing of winding. Winding should be evenly distributed around the core, but that does not mean all winding is spaced the same. Higher magnetic fields require more winding, and as such the winding is kept closer. Keeping the proper spacing helps to reduce mechanical noise, what some people refer to as hum.

Regulation of voltage is controlled with the coupling of primary and secondary winding. Toroids do have high regulation abilities (5%).  When creating custom toroids, voltage regulation must be precise because if not the toroid may potentially not work.


Trusting professional winding companies will ensure that the toroids you use will work perfectly.

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