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What to know about basic Toroids

Knowing the complete details of different toroidal transformers is not simple, and so it is important to consult with professionals who can build custom professional toroids. Ideally, a company will be able to build from a concept. This means that a precise toroid will be created to meet the exact specification for the machine and function. By speaking with professionals about what you want to do; you will be able to create perfect toroids. There are a few basic pieces of information that can be learned, which can help when discussing what you need done.


Toroid and Toroidal Transformers

First, it is important to know that a toroid can be used with any electrically transformer application that can accommodate the shape of the toroid. This leaves a wide range of possibilities, so it is possible that you can benefit from toroids. Just because the device can fit doesn’t mean that it should be used. In certain cases it can be rather impractical for some applications. Speaking with a trained professional about your needs will let you know if toroids are right for you.
These devices are created with different materials: such as, iron powder, amorphous, silicon steel, nickel iron, and ferrites. Different materials lead to different performances, so it is important to not simply choose one material.

The shape of a toroid is similar to that of a doughnut or a bagel. It is a 360-degree circular item that has wire wound around it. The shape and wound wires allow for the cancelation of magnetic fields outside the coil. A toroid has low outputs of EMI and a small leakage inductance.

Toroids can be created with a round cross-section or a rectangular cross-section. Each produces different outcomes. Rounded cross-sections usually outperform rectangle cross-sections, and this is because the cancellation is more complete with rounded sections. They also require fewer turns, and so they need less winding resistance.


A gapped toroidal transformer fills the center gap with some insulating material. This is done to make the winding process easier for certain toroids.

When pricing out toroids, you will find that in many cases that are more expensive than bobbins and tube wound transformers. Simply put, more work and materials go into creating toroids. This makes them more expensive, but it makes them worth the expense. In most cases a toroid will perform better than both other options.

As long as you know what application you are trying to complete, professional toroid companies can help you get what you need.

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