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Update Letter Effective 05/01/2021

Torelco is working with FTW on the best pricing available. Torelco is offering a complete coil which includes core (including rotor), aluminum blocks, 8″ bolts, all insulation, copper windings.
We are now offering:
Unit with no epoxy encapsulation using Nano Shield wire on both Primary and Secondary – Contact For Updated Pricing.
Delivery – 5 weeks after receipt of order on first come basis. F.O.B. Alpha, NJ 08865.
Please note that all orders placed must be paid in full in US dollars before shipment is made.
We are offering the kit below which will include all parts to make the basic generator.

Thank you again for your interest in the QEG project.

Hardware Kit

The following list is all the hardware to mount basic components:

• 7/8″ Shaft with rotor and shrouds installed and balanced
• Bearings Including Mounting Hardware
• End Plates G10/FR4 Machined Including Mounting Hardware
• V-Belt 4L430
• Pulley AK30 x 5/8”
• Pulley AK25 x 7/8”
• DC PM Variable Speed Motor 90 or 180V Armature
(Please specify which motor is needed – see below)
• Motor Mounting Hardware Kit
• Variac – Staco 1520CT
• Bridge Rectifier
• On/Off Switch
• Capacitors 940C30P15K-F
• Terminal Lug T&B L70
• Drill Rod, 1/4″ Diameter, Type A2, 1-1/8″ L
• Platform (Base), Laminate, 18″ x 36″ x 1-1/2″ – Drilled and Tapped
• Core Mounting Shoe, Laminate, 15″ x 6-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ – Drilled and Tapped
• Core Mounting Shoe Hardware Kit
• Exciter Coil Assembly

Price for kit is: Contact For Updated Pricing

Price for entire kit + Stator (Coil & Rotor): Contact For Updated Pricing
(not including shipping, taxes, or fees)

Notes for DC PM Variable Speed Motor:

• For 90V motor please order T4500 – 90
• For 180V motor please order T4501 – 180

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