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Effectively Mount Toroids

In recent years, companies have gained the ability to see the complete cost of components. This is built by combining price, durability, availability, quality, and efficiency in circuit boards. This makes the packaging and the mounting of magnetic devices important to consider. Mounting magnetic components in small or medium quantities help to improve durability for transit. They also help to increase the inspection speed time by creating plug in testing. Lastly, it lessened the rework cost and production cost.Toroids

The toroid inside the design should help to determine packaging and production options (as well as core material and size). The toroid uses a header or mount, which allows for a connection of the windings on the printed circuit board.

Mounts come in different varieties, which optimizes the devices they work in.
A horizontal toroid mount, which is usually molded from plastic, uses horizontal through hole headers to allow toroids to be mounted on their side.

The vertical toroid mounts does the opposite of a horizontal mount. This helps to save space on a circuit board. Vertical mounts have the potential to be less durable than horizontal mounts.


Surface mounts help to reduce cost. This is because robotic units can work to place mounts and toroids.


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