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Toroid in Audio Systems

In the high tech world of audio, there are many different components that make up a single piece of equipment. In most powerful audio systems, you can find toroid transformers. These donut-shaped devices are taking over the audio industry. There are many advantages for using a toroid transformer, but the most valued characteristic of the device is that they do not radiate a magnetic field. This advantage makes them extremely attractive the high-end audio equipment sector.

It is important to understand what a toroid is, before you grasp why they are used in audio components. A toroid, or toroidal transformer is designed in a circular, donut shape.  Similar to most transformers, the toroidal has a laminated core, which is made of many layers.  The toroidal transformer’s core looks likes sheet metal, which has been stacked on top of each each other to for a hollow cylinder. Wire is completely wrapped around the “sheet metal core,” which leaves the wires exposed to damage. As a result of this danger, the toroid is mounted to a chassis with a rubber mat on both sides of the transformer. A bolt is run through the center of the hole and a nut is tightened on the top plate. The toroid is squeezed between the rubber pads and secured into place with the bolt and nut.

ToroidManufactures like to use toroidal transformers because they sound much better than other transformers. These devices deliver extremely low levels of distortion, low noise, and low hum.  When compared to all other transformers, toroids offer the best noise performance. Most audio device manufactures strive for audiophile excellence, so it is common to find toroidal transformers in a wide array of sound equipment.  It is common to find a toroid in all types of sound appliances, from amplifiers, to cd players, to receivers.

In the hi-fi world there are two major transformers that are used to create audio equipment: EI transformers and Toroids. There is a large debate between manufactures over which one is better, but toroids provide a clearer sound with less interference.


If you are interested in learning more about toroids, or their role in the audio field, it is wise to contact a local toroid manufacturer. A manufacturer can answer a wide scope of questions, ranging from how toroids are created to where else they are used.  Toroids are continuing to gain popularity in the audio world, and if you are in the market for sound equipment, it is wise to select a product that was design with a toroid!

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