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Getting Custom Toroids and Bobbins

For far too long, industries have had to settle for toroids and bobbins that were incompatible with an application. This was a result of buying prefabricated toroids and winding them alone. When a toroid or bobbin doesn’t meet voltage or a power rating, your application may not function properly. There are also issues with prefabricated products not fitting properly in a desired space. You may find that a toroid, made alone or prefabricated, may require more or less winding. Modern tools and technology have allowed for professional toroid/bobbin companies to create custom made parts with a quick turn around time. Whether you are dealing with one or more of the above issues, custom made part can be made.


The customization of these tools has allowed for a multitude of industries to thrive and advance. This is the case for industries such as, medical, audio, aeronautics, and renewable energy. You can find toroids in high-efficiency transformers, audio transformers for amplification, autotransformers, medical isolation transformers and more.

These devices can be customized:

  • Between 1.6VA – 15,000VA
  • Between 50/60Hz – 400Hz
  • Between Class B, F, and H insulation systems
  • Between different heights and radiuses

There are certain things you should consider prior calling a company for customization. You do not need exact numbers and specifications, but by simply estimating your needs you can begin to get custom work done.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the estimated power output?
  • What percentage of expected duty cycle do you expect?
  • What is the approximant ambient temperature?
  • What is your max temperature rise?
  • What is your line frequency?

When thinking about the measurements you can choose between inches, millimeters, and other measurements. You should estimate a max diameter and height.

You can even customize your preferred mounting configuration. You can choose between disk, center, flange, can, and L bracket. This customization makes installation of devices substantially easier.

Customization can be done in low batches and as well as large-scale production, so there is no reason to not get professional made products.

You can even customize both primary and secondary voltages. Both primary and secondary voltages can be broken up into different section.


Rather than fitting a square into a circular hole, get customized toroids that will fit and preform exactly as you want them too. Consider all the requirements you have, and then you should reach out to a professional company for answers.


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