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Learning About Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers are frequently used when designing and constructing electronic devices. In fact, this type of electronic transformer can be used in any electronic device that can accommodate its shape. Although these devices are usable in many circumstances, they are not always the best option. Our talented team can help you determine the best type of transformer for your application, whether it’s a toroid or bobbin.

What materials are toroids constructed from? Toroids are built from different materials because each has its pros and character traits. We commonly work with silicon steel, moly-permalloy, nickel-iron, amorphous, and ferrites. We also work with steel and nickel-iron as tape wound cores and laminated pieces.


What is the point of a circular, toroid shape? The 360-degree, complete circle, creates a high level of symmetry, which creates a near-complete magnetic field that is canceled outside the coil. Toroidal transformers have less leakage inductance and EMI than other transformers of similar power ratings.

What are gapped toroids? A typical toroid looks like a doughnut or bagel, in that the center is poked out. A gapped toroid fills in that gap with insulating materials that help the winding process.

What are split-core current transformers? These transformers are assembled directly on conductors. Toroids need to be passed over disconnected ends of the conductor. Toroids can be split, but a clamping mechanism is required.


The toroid core is stable at extreme temperatures, and it can also tolerate the stress of encapsulation with minimal changes in properties. For more information on custom current transformers, custom-designed toroids, you should make our team your first call.

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