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Uncommon Toroid Benefits

Those that have used toroids before can quickly rattle off many of the advantages these transformers have over their counter parts. There are more than just a few good reasons to consider using custom coil winding and toroidal transformers when constructing and designing electronic devices.


Of all the reasons to purchase and use toroids, efficiency is amongst the most commonly referred to answer. Given the size and the weight of the final parts, a toroid has excellent efficiency. The toroid boasts a powerful magnetic circuit that quickly eliminates all inherent air gaps. Most other transformers have some natural air gaps (especially laminated-bobbin transformers). Because the device has a high flux density, the core is fully utilized.

Although efficiency is enough of a reason to purchase toroids, we still want to give you a couple more good reasons.

Toroids offer good regulation. The device guarantees low leakage inductance that is due to custom coil winding configurations. When a certain percentage of magnetic flux is created, inductance is produced. Toroidal transformers are known to produce off-load secondary voltages, which will be low (like stack type transformers). When using a custom wound toroidal transformer, users do not have to worry about wasted power from excessive heat.


Of all the transformer types available to engineers, toroids are amongst the easiest to mount (if not the easiest). In most cases, only a single screw is needed to affix the toroid to a device. If only building a few machines, not much time is saved, but products that have large runs can save serious time with easy mounting.

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