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What Are Toroids?

At Torelco we make wound magnetic products, and we do it with the utmost pride. Our factory is set up to produce high quality products in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. There is a very big market that requires different products, and we want to be the answer for custom wound magnetic devices. Our dedication and knowledge of the products we make should demonstrate the quality we put out.Toroids

A toroid is a coil that has insulated (or enameled) wire. The wire is wound onto a donut shaped form, which happens to be constructed from powdered iron. This product is used as an inductor for electronics. Its size and capabilities make it perfect for low frequency work; as compared to large machines that require heavy inductances. There are many practical applications for these items, and as such you can see them used in varied industries. We recognize that different toroids are needed for different jobs (size, materials, and voltage), and so we sell many different types of products.

You will sometimes want to consider a toroid over a solenoid because the former has more inductance per turn. This is the case even when both products are made of the same materials, are the same size, and have the same core. The power also allows you to have small coils for a reasonable physical size or mass. This is another way that allows our product to be more economical. The product carries more current than solenoid coils. This is the case because larger diameter wires can be used, meaning that less wire has to be used. This reduces resistance.
In our products we keep the magnetic flux contained in the core material. We do this because the core does not have ends, and so a flux can’t leak off. By maintaining the flux in place allows for the removal of outside magnetic fields. You want to keep these fields away because they could ultimately screw up the behavior of the product.


Thought and care go into each of the products we make, and as such we are able to produce are high-quality product. If your business needs custom wound magnetic devices then it is important to shop with a company who knows what they are doing. We have the experience and professionalism to help your company thrive.

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