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Ferrite Cores and Applications

Ferrite cores are an oxide created with Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. Ferrite Cores are commonly referred to as manganese zinc ferrites. Due to their low losses at high frequencies, ferrite cores are regularly used in switched-mode power supply and radio frequency.

Ferrite cores are available in many shapes and sizes for inductors and feature many excellent characteristics. Some of their more notable features are good temperature properties and low disaccommodation. Ferrite cores come with ten materials. These materials are available in a variety of geometries. Some of these geometries include toroids, toroid coils, and toroid core winding.

Several applications are associated with ferrite cores. Broadband Transformers is one of the applications. The desired properties of this application are low loss and good frequency loss. Common Mode Chokes is another application, and it should feature very high permeability.

Another application with ferrite cores is noise filters. Noise filters should have high permeability and good frequency response. Narrow Band Transformers, which require high permeability and stability, are another application.

Power Inductors are an application also associated with ferrite cores. One of the desired properties of power inductors is low losses at high flux densities and temperatures. They also require high saturation and low exciting currents.

Converter and Inverter Transformers, Differential Mode Inductors, Power Transformers, Pulse Transformers, and Telecom Inductors are other applications associated with ferrite cores. Each application comes with its set of desired properties. They all have a preferred material and come in different available shapes.

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