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Different Applications for Toroids

You would use a toroid coil when working with electricity that has a low frequency. A toroid works as an inductor, which boosts the frequency to appropriate levels. Inductors are electronic components that are passive, so that they can store energy in the form of magnetic fields. A toroid turns, and with those turns induces a higher frequency. Toroids are more economical and efficient than solenoids.Toroids

Just because this product is more economical does not mean it is better to use it all the time. There are certain advantages and disadvantages with both, and that needs to be weighed. A toroid coil is harder to wind than solenoids. This helps a person who is building their own items or someone who likes tinkering with their products. A toroid coil can be smaller, and can also be placed closer to other machines (their magnetic field is better contained).

The first toroids were created in the early 1830s. A physicist named Michael Faraday invented it. This man was able to see that a change in magnetic fields can create voltage in a wire that is close in proximity. Faraday called this phenomenon Faraday’s Law of Induction. Since the 1830s, people have made improvements and innovations in the field. Today there are so many more options for coils.

Toroids are use by:

  • Telecommunication
  • Medical field (at home and hospital)
  • Music instruments
  • Ballasts
  • EMI filter
  • So much more

In each of the above industries the coil will help to direct and restrict magnetic fields
RC planes, just like medical gears, needs a constant and regulated flow of energy in order to work properly. An RC plane needs electricity to do so much of its basic functions, like communicating with the control and power feed to ESC and motor. Having noise with electricity will only cause problems between the plane and your controls. A ferrite coil can be added to the RC plane, which is supposed to greatly reduce noise or spikes in voltage. An electric motor has the potentiality to create the spikes that could cause problems when flying planes. When you add a ferrite toroid to the motor it will make your flying better because there will be less noise your have to fight against.

Toroid Transformer

A lot of different electronics are made with these items, and there is a clear reason why that is the case.

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