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What do You Need to Know About Toroids

Toroidal transformers are considered passive electronic components that are constructed from magnetic materials built in a ring shape. The most common toroid materials include iron powder, laminated iron, and ferrite.  Considering the options for customization when creating these devices, it is essential for individuals to have some understanding of how these electronic devices operate.


What is the application of a toroidal transformer? Toroids are used in electronic circuits to help power devices. You can commonly find them inside TVs, computers, radios, and audio systems. Typically, toroids can be used in any device that can fit them.

How do toroids differ from other similar transformers? A toroid is shaped like a doughnut or ring, meaning that it is a complete 360-degree circle. Because there are no gaps in the toroid, it offers high levels of symmetry. Toroids boast a near-complete magnetic field cancellation (outside the winding). When compared to other transformers, a toroid is known to have substantially less leakage inductance. Toroids also have less EMI leakage when compared to different transformers that have a similar power rating.

What is the difference between rectangular and round cross-sections? Simply put, a round core performs better than a toroid with a rectangular cross-section. Completion in round a toroid is more consistent than the rectangular variant. It is more straightforward and more affordable for custom coil winding to be done on a round toroid.