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Iron Cores and Transformer Winding

There are many essential properties of iron powder when it is used as a toroid core material for an inductor that is used in switch-mode power supplies. Engineers must contemplate the different DC output choked, the power factor correction inductors, the differential-mode line filter inductor, and the high frequency resonate inductor.


Iron powder is considered one of the more commonly used materials for producing magnetic components for switching power supplies. It is an inexpensive core material when compared to its counterparts. The magnetic properties of this material make it an ideal choice for a wide range of inductor applications. Keep in mind that it should not be used for the main switching transformer.

The material is produced from very fine and insulated parts that are principally composed of pure iron powder. The prepared powder is compressed under high pressures, which provides a solid core. This manufacturing process creates magnetic structures that have disturbed air-gap. The core material has an initial permeability that is low, but at the same time maintains high-energy storage capabilities.

To produce iron cores, the compaction process is a requirement, but it is also suitable to make a variety of different configurations. Toroid cores, e-cores, and Bus-Bars can all be made from iron powder.

Iron powder is commonly used because it has tight tolerances for both electrical and physical application. The toroid core is stable at extreme temperatures, and it can also tolerate the stress of encapsulation with minimal changes in properties.


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