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The Important Parts of a Toroidal Transformer

Power system design engineers commonly turn to custom toroidal power transformers and inductors because of all the benefits the tool offers. Each aspect of the production process enhances the capabilities and characteristics of a toroid and transformer winding.

What is the purpose of custom transformer winding?

Winding is an essential component of a toroidal transformer, and it offers many benefits. These include:

  • Better heat dispersion throughout the entire core
  • Minimizes flux leakage more than similarly powered transformers
  • Requires only low voltage between adjacent turns

Why does a toroid have a hole in the middle, like a doughnut?Toroid

The center hole is typically made from a thermoplastic material. Benefits include:

  • Thermally conductive compounds
  • High mounting precision
  • Optional press-fitted stud or threaded inserts

Does the core play a role in transformer performance?

Cores are the lifeblood of the transformer, and so they are manufactured and annealed under controlled conditions. The tightly wound grain of oriented silicon steel leaves users without airgaps and a significant reduction in mechanical noise. Toroid cores have lathed radial corners, which means that they have a compact design that makes efficient use of materials.

Do you need to add a magnetic shield?

A magnetic shield on a toroid is not necessary. It is a service that is customer specified depending on the application. The shield is fixed in place with outer insulation. Typically, multiple layers of grain-oriented silicon steel are securely wound around the circumference of the toroid.

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