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Toroidal Transformers Help Reduce Production Costs

All electrical engineers are looking to reduce the cost of building equipment. Even a fraction of a cent off total construction can amount to serious savings for a business. One of the new ways that engineers have been dropping production costs is by incorporating toroidal transformers.Custom Coil Winding

Why is a toroid less expensive than other similarly powered transformers?

There are several answers to this question, but the most important one is the size of the toroid. When compared to similar transformers, a toroid is significantly smaller. Because there is a limited need for raw materials, the transformers are less expensive to build and use. Cores are designed from a single strip of steel, which give users infinite configuration possibilities. The small size of the transformer also makes mounting easy. In many cases, a single screw is used to mount the toroidal transformer.

What are the other ways toroids reduce production costs?


Toroids offer users a low stray field, which makes them ideal for enhancing audio equipment. When working with toroids, you need less power than similar transformers because of their stray field. Toroids have long term cost savings because they have proven increased electrical efficiency. Custom coil winding helps reduce magnetic flux and noise, which makes products more efficient and long-lasting.

Custom Coil Winding

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