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Do Toroids Work in Industrial Applications

Toroidal transformers are used because they are small without sacrificing the power of effectiveness. Although hidden inside devices, these transformers are found in a wide range of industries and applications. It is easy to notice a toroid because of its signature doughnut shape. Toroidal transformers offer distinct benefits not found in transformers of similar size. As a result of their size and performance characteristics, it is easy to see why toroids and custom coil winding is the ideal choice for electrical and industrial applications.


 All toroids contain a magnetic core and custom coil winding. These passive electronic devices can easily achieve and sustain magnetic flux. The complete 360 shape of a toroid has negligible leakage flux in these transformers.

Beyond their compact design and lightweight, these devices offer many benefits, which include:

Quiet performance is a requirement in modern electronic equipment. Custom coil winding covers the core, responsible for reducing magnetostriction (the most common cause of mechanical hum). Implementing custom toroids in a design greatly reduces acoustic noise compared to a standard transformer.


Toroids also benefit from having a low stray magnetic field. Compared to a traditional transformer, a toroid exhibits up to 90% less stray magnetic field (without the need for additional shielding).

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