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Common Transformer Core Types

One of the most important parts of designing electronic devices is the type of power transformer used. These devices are responsible for safely and effectively turning on and off electronic devices. Many options are available, although toroids are the most used type. They offer many benefits over other similarly powered transformers; however, they should not always be used. It is essential to pick transformer types based on specific needs and applications.

Custom Coil Winding

Toroids are ideal options for transformers because they use minimal materials, which keeps the transformers lightweight and affordable. Because of the shape of a toroid, the winding is distributed across the entire device symmetrically. The shape and winding of a toroid keep magnetic flux within the core of the toroid.

Toroids have compact iron cores that are vibration-free and stable structures. They also boast low noise and hum. Toroids can be placed near other components, saving design space. Toroids are easily mountable.

A toroid is found in many areas, which include control and measurement, medical instrumentation, communication systems, and audio technology. Toroids work well in low magnetic radiation and low overall heights.

Other Core Types Include:

  • Transductors
  • Modular Cores
  • Plug-In Cores
  • Cores For Stabilizers
  • Cores For Welding (not traditional blend)

Each type of transformer has pros and cons, and it is the responsibility of engineers to choose the right one for specific applications. For more information on custom coil winding, do not hesitate to call us. We specialize in custom work that meets exact specifications.

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