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A Brief Overview of the History of Toroids

What type of transformer are you currently using? Just because you’ve done something in the past and it’s worked does not mean that there isn’t a better and more efficient way. Electrical engineers have many options for dealing with power and voltage. One of the most common tools is a transformer. Early on, it is essential to recognize that transformer is a general term and that engineers have many different options to choose from. Transformers date back to the mid and late 19th century, and since then, many changes and developments have been made. One of the oldest designs that are still used in some form today is an E-core transformer. The initial design dates back to 1885 and was created by William Stanley. His goal was to make practical transformers, which was not the case until then. Early transformers used single cores made from soft iron with adjustable gaps for regulating the EMF present within the secondary winding.


An ETA Royal transformer can be traced back to the Ganz company located in Hungary. The coil was used within lighting systems that implemented AC incandescent systems. Although this is the first instance documented, the design was expensive to manufacture and purchase. At the time, wires could not be quickly wrapped around by machines during the manufacturing process. There was no simple way to wind wires around an iron ring.

Since the late 1800s, transformers, and especially toroidal transformers, have significantly changed and improved. Technology continues to improve, so the devices are so commonly found in modern electronic devices.

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