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Toroids and Coil Winding

ToroidsTo Create a toroid you need to wind Coil around a core. The core can be a metal that can be magnetized. The substance used in the core needs to have a high permeability. Permeability is the ability of the core to make a magnetic field within the area of the core.  The measurement unit used to measure permeability is the Greek letter u.
Magnetic susceptibility Is the receptiveness or the core to hold the magnetic field. This dimensionless proportionality constant shows the response to the applied field.
These factors create the Magnetic moment. The magnetic moment determines the strength of the magnet. This is measured in Torque. There are two parts to the magnetic moment.

  1. Magnitude: the strength of the magnet.
  2. Direction: points from south pole to the north pole or the magnet.

Each Toroid has a purpose. So each toroid needs to perform in the correct magnetic moment. Have the correct torque to perform its designed task. Winding the core will help determine the strength of the toroid.

The size of the core, how much wire is wrapped around the core and the size of the wire wrapped around the core will determine the strength of the magnetic field created by the toroid.
The QEG Toroid or the Quantum Energy Generator , which is the very popular toroid, is a donut shaped core with copper wire.

The coil winding created by Tesla, has been drastically improved to create a magnetic field that can generate more energy than it uses in the creation of the electricity. Through the use of coil wound toroids this invention is revolutionizing the way electricity is been created all over the world. Though there has been many additions and customizations from Tesla’s original design, the concept remains the same. Create a core that has a high permeability wind the core to specific specifications and create a toroid that can generate electricity.  

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