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Toroidal Transformers Over Conventional Transformers

Toroidal transformers offer users many benefits over traditional transformers. The reasons make these transformers widely used in creating different electronic products. Benefits include

  • Small size and big power. The devices boast higher efficiency when compared to conventional transformers. The size is small and the weight is minimal, but the device is still powerful.
  • Minimum stray field and no noise. A toroid has its windings spread out uniformly over the core, which lowers the stray field significantly. A lower stray field eliminates operation noise.
  • Easily mountable. A toroid is easy to mount when compared to conventional transformers. The devices can be attached with a single screw, so the assembly time of the device is substantially reduced. Toroids make it easier to repair broken appliances.
  • Withstanding cold temperatures. Toroids have low operating temperatures, unlike traditional transformers that are similar.
  • Good return on investment. Considering the above benefits (and some that just did not fit on this list), these transformers give users maximum bang for their buck.

Designing custom toroids for your particular application will allow you to get the best possible toroid transformer. Professionals in the field will help you to determine whether PTC or NTC thermistors are best. They will also ensure that winding is done accurately so that the toroid works correctly.

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