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Six Reasons to Use Toroids

There are several reasons why toroids are used in many of today's electrical devices. Without the high-efficiency and low-cost of the instrument, our technological landscape would look different. Six of the most noticeable benefits are:

1) The tools are easy to mount, and usually only require one center bolt for successful mounting. Building devices with toroids takes less assembly time compared to building electronics with different inductors.

2) Not only are toroids easy to mount, but also their small size helps to save valuable real estate in electronics, which gives manufacturers more options. A toroid is roughly half the weight and size of other transformers.

3) During the construction of a toroid, manufacturers can maintain flexible dimensions. A cross section will remain constant, and then the height of the toroid can vary to fit specific applications.

4) Another benefit of using a toroid is that it maintains low off-load loss. A toroid requires less excitation power when compared to its counterparts.

5-6) The device also has a low magnetic field and low mechanical hum.

Taking into account the six benefits above, it is no wonder why so many use toroids for high-efficiency performance abilities. We can help you get professionally built toroids that are designed for your company's specific applications and business needs.

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