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Inrush Current Problems

Without proper management, it is possible for inrush current to do real damage to toroidal transformers. For instance, currents can potentially cause fuses to blow and circuit breakers to trip. A lack of management can significantly limit the total number of devices that are able to connect with the power core. In a worst-case scenario, the transformer will undergo complete failure.

Problems are caused as a result of inrush currents negatively affecting the core's magnetic properties. The loss of energy alters the performance and creates the above problems. Using inrush limiters in your application helps to reduce surging power from entering devices when turned on.

Limiters help manages the power that is sent through the instrument when switched on. Limiters work through absorbing heat. There are several advantages to using these tools, which include:

  1. When using inrush current limiters, standard fuses can be utilized during construction
  2. It is possible to use lower rated components when using limiters
  3. Users can also employee lower rated rectifier bridges
  4. There is a significant reduction in sag noise during start up

At Torelco, we can help you answer any questions you have about inrush currents and toroids. Our talented team is standing by, so reach out today for more information about custom toroids.


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