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Help Creating Custom Toroids

Building toroids that will work for specific applications requires proper tools and knowledge. It is possible to go online and find D.I.Y toroid kits that you can build and wind at home. If you own a business that depends on properly functioning electronic devices, you want to work with professional toroid builders. We have years of expertise, which allows us to know the ins-and-outs of manufacturing toroids.

We specialize in designing and building custom toroid for use by different businesses and various industries. We provide a small overview of the customizable specifications when creating toroids. Having an understanding of your needs will help us to have better conversations.

You will need to consider:

  1. What sort of temperature rise might your device experience? For instance, 60 degree Celsius increase over an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. What input configurations work best for your toroid and the device it sits inside? This answer will always be dependent on the application needs. Inputs can be designed from 10-400 Hz.
  3. What is the duty cycle of the toroid? Knowing the answer to this will help to determine the final size of the toroid.
  4. What insulation systems work best for your toroid and its application? Typical ranges lie between 105 degrees Celsius and 180 degrees Celsius.

We can help you determine all the above factors, as well as output voltage parameters. Avoid D.I.Y toroid building, and instead, use our professional services.

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