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Toroidal Inductors and Transformers

Toroidal inductors are categorized as passive electronic components; which are defined by any device or physical entity in an electronic system that affects electrons or their associated fields. Read More

Overview Of Our Services

You don’t get to be one of the best suppliers and creators of toroids by accident or sheer luck. No, you become the best by putting out a product that people want. Read More

Toroids in Tokamak Products

Magnetic confinement fusion is an approach that generates fusion power with magnetic fields. The first attempt of building a confinement system was the stellarator, created by Lyman spritzer.  The stellarator involved a torus that was cut in half then reattached.  Read More

Toroids and Guitar Amps

Toroidal inductors are passive electric components that are shaped into a circular ring.  They have the appearance of a doughnut that is made up of hundreds of miniscule wires. Read More

Different Applications for Toroids

You would use a toroid coil when working with electricity that has a low frequency. A toroid works as an inductor, which boosts the frequency to appropriate levels. Inductors are electronic components that are passive, so that they can store energy in the form of magnetic fields. Read More