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Top Advantages of Using Toroids

Engineers and designers have several options when it comes to power transformers. Of all the options available on the market today, toroidal transformers are amongst the most used. There are many advantages toroids provide over other similarly powered transformers. Below, we want to highlight the top advantages of using toroids and custom toroid coil winding.

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What is the Function of a Toroidal Transformer

A toroidal transformer is often seen as the best design for a power transformer. These devices are made from magnetic sheet metals that are characterized as having low loss levels without sacrificing high induction saturation. Heat treating a toroid allows the devices to reach high saturation levels (up to 16,000 gauss). A toroidal transformer concentrates the magnetic flow within the core, and because of no intermediate metal parts, vibration is greatly reduced. Toroids are highly sought-after products because they allow for reduced noise from electronics. In other similarly powered transformers, noise is created by magnetostriction. A toroid eliminates magnetostriction, which also helps the dissipation of heat within the electronic equipment.

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Should I be Using Power Toroidal Transformers

Transformers are integral parts of electronic devices because they transfer power between two separate parts of an electrical circuit. A transformer creates isolation while varying voltage and current. Power transformers are used when the need for high-efficiency power transfer is a requirement. Power transformers are designed to either operate non-continuously or continuously while at full capacity. These specialized transformers, like traditional transformers, are based on concepts of electromagnetic induction. All power transformers contain two magnetically coupled coils (primary and secondary windings).

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The Top Four Reasons to Use Toroidal Transformers and Custom Coil Winding

You can quickly spot a toroidal transformer because of its unique, 360-degree design. Because of how a toroid is constructed, it often seems sensible and reliable for building electronic circuits and transformers. When compared to similarly powered transformers, toroids are commonly the best option. There are many reasons why toroidal transformers are a better option than a conventional transformer.

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Popular Types of Magnetic Core Used in Toroidal Transformers

Not all toroids are created equal. Each toroid offers many benefits that you cannot achieve using standard transformers, but that does not mean that a toroid should be used interchangeably. From custom coil winding to core material selection, your custom design toroids must meet exact specifications for application and size.

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Do Toroids Work in Industrial Applications

Toroidal transformers are used because they are small without sacrificing the power of effectiveness. Although hidden inside devices, these transformers are found in a wide range of industries and applications. It is easy to notice a toroid because of its signature doughnut shape. Toroidal transformers offer distinct benefits not found in transformers of similar size. As a result of their size and performance characteristics, it is easy to see why toroids and custom coil winding is the ideal choice for electrical and industrial applications.

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Understanding and Calculating Inductance of Toroids

All electrical engineers and technicians encounter inductors regularly as a result of their work. Learning about inductance and related parameters ensures that systems run optimally. Even if you do not specialize in manufacturing inductors, it is important for those using them to have a basic understanding of their functions and operational principles.Read More

What is the Difference Between a Toroid and Solenoid

Knowing the differences between a toroid and a solenoid helps you create better and more efficient electronic devices. Each transformer type has pros and cons, and so they should not be used interchangeably. Picking the right transformer for your application is an utter necessity. Below, we want to go over some of the main differences between these core types.Read More