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Ferrite Cores and Applications

Ferrite cores are an oxide created with Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. Ferrite Cores are commonly referred to as manganese zinc ferrites. Due to their low losses at high frequencies, ferrite cores are regularly used in switched-mode power supply and radio frequency.Read More

Ferrite Core FAQ

Question: What is a ferrite core?
Answer: Ferrite cores are dense, homogeneous ceramic structures. They are made by mixing iron oxide with one or more metal such as manganese, zinc, nickel, or magnesium. Ferrites have high electrical resistivity and low eddy current losses over a wide frequency range. The characteristics of ferrites make them ideal for use in applications such as high-frequency transformers and adjustable inductors. Ferrites come in many different types of materials.Read More

Powder Core FAQ

Question: What is a powder core?
Answer: A powder core is a distribution of air gap cores, and they have many incredible characteristics. Some of their qualities include high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, and excellent inductance stability under both DC and AC conditions.Read More

Is Saturation Bad?

Understanding transformer saturation allows for toroids to be built with the proper number of turns to wind. Read More

Art of Winding Toroids

Winding a toroid is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but it is so drastically important that a toroid is wound properly.  Read More