We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.

Why Think About Bobbins?

There are differences between toroids and bobbins, although they do share certain similarities. A bobbin happens to be similar to a cylinder or spindle. Wrapped around this structure is wire, yarn, film, or even sometimes thread. Most likely you have seen bobbins at some point in your life; whether, it was being used in sewing machines, cameras, or electronic equipment. Knowing the differences between these two products could potentially save you and your business time and money. It can be rather hard to figure out the specific differences between products and materials, and so we want to try and make this process simple for you. We make ourselves available to discuss what products we have and what might be best for you.

Let us focus on bobbins that have practical electrical applications. These bobbins have a coil of wire that carries a current, and the whole thing has magnetic properties. This item would be a permanent fixture of electrical transformers, inductors, and relays. Different types of metal wire (depending on the job and machine) are wound around a magnetic core. These items can be made with thermoplastics and phenolic materials.

At Torelco we are no strangers to both toroids and bobbins, so no matter what you are looking for we can help you out.  Our factory is set up to handle custom work, and as such you will not have to force standard items into your specific machines. Whether you know exactly what you need or not, we can help you when it comes to toroids or bobbins. Our customer service is truly world-class. When you call Torelco you don't speak with sales people. No, when you call Torelco, you are put through to people who will help you problem solve. They will talk to you about what you are doing and what you want, so that they can try to fully understand your situation. Considering the nuances of this industry, there is usually a good deal to talk through. We never approach two jobs the same way, and so each of our customers gets treated uniquely as individuals. We will discuss different options for cores and materials, as well as sizes. This conversation will allow you to optimize performance. No matter what you need, we are fully equipped to handle all your custom work. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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