We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.


Thank you for your patience in awaiting a reply on your inquiry of the QEG coil.

Torelco is working with FTW on best pricing available. Torelco is offering a complete coil which includes core (including rotor), aluminum blocks, 8” bolts, all insulation, copper windings.

We are now offering two versions:

One with vacuum encapsulating the windings with epoxy - price $3,095.00 USD


One with no epoxy encapsulation using Nano Shield wire on both Primary and Secondary – price $2,945.00 USD

Delivery - 5 weeks after receipt of order on first come basis. F.O.B. Alpha, NJ 08865

Please note that all orders placed must be paid in full in US dollars before shipment is made.

Please contact me at and please include “QEG” in the subject line so we can expedite your order.

We will be updating our website with more information soon.

Also, please see additional sheet for items needed to manufacture finished QEG project. We are offering a kit that will include all parts to make the basic generator.

Thank you again for your interest in the QEG project.


Matt Peterson


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